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Guide to Acquiring NFTs on Mogul Marketplace

Mogul Productions - Guide to Acquiring NFTs on Mogul Marketplace

The large majority of NFTs available on Mogul NFT Marketplace are purchased with STARS. 

Here are the links for buying STARS on different crypto wallets.

Beginners Guide to Buying STARS

Guide to Buying STARS on MEXC

Guide to Buying STARS on MEXC (Video)

How to buy STARS on ApeSwap (Video)

How to buy STARS on BitMart (Video)

How to buy STARS on UniSwap (Video)

How to buy STARS on PancakeSwap (Video)

PART 1:  NFT drops can only be minted on either the ETH network or the BSC network.


This is a general misunderstanding some beginners have about buying NFTs on the Mogul NFT Marketplace… or any other marketplace for that matter.

ETH Searches will only display NFT collections that are on the ETH (Ethereum) network. 

BSC Searches will only  display NFT collections that are on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network.

Guide to Acquiring NFTs on Mogul Marketplace

Each available NFT on the Mogul Marketplace on the Ethererum “ETH” network will appear with the ETH symbol located inside the description. 

Mogul Marketplace - Eth
Mogul Marketplace

BSC Searches will only  display NFT collections that are on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network.

Mogul Marketplace - BSC

Each available NFT on the Mogul Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain “BSC” network will appear with the BSC symbol located inside the  description.

Mogul Marketplace - BSC 1
Mogul Marketplace - Featured NFTs

Mogul’s newest universal NFT collection display will show both ETH and BSC together.   However all the NFTs will still either be part of one network or the other.

PART 2:  Mogul NFT Marketplace only displays the STARS on the network you are currently attached to.


So if you own your STARS on the ETH network….

Mogul NFT Marketplace

 … it doesn’t automatically mean you own STARS on the BSC network and vice versa

Mogul NFT Marketplace - STARS on the BSC network

So even though there are 3,408.4 STARS on the ETH network, they can’t be used to  buy the NFT below for 450 STARS because it is on the BSC network.

buy the NFT below for 450 STARS

Solution: You can buy more STARS on the BSC network, send STARS from another crypto wallet,  or you can do this.

Swap the STARS from ETH network to BSC.  Here’s how to do it.

For this process we are going to use a Metamask wallet to go through the entire process of purchasing a NFT.

Mogul Productions - metamask

PART 3:  How to swap STARS tokens between the ETH and BSC networks.

Step A

Select the Network on the Mogul NFT Marketplace that you wish to transfer STARS from.  

(This is the network that has the STARS you are transferring)

Guide to Acquiring NFTs on Mogul Marketplace

If you switch over from one network to another, your crypto wallet, such as MetaMask in this example,  will prompt you to confirm switching over to another network.

Mogul Productions - Binance Smart Chain

Step B

In this example we are using the AnySwap to make the swap.

Click on the link to open AnySwap

AnySwap Bridge:

Connect your wallet to AnySwap

Make sure you are on the “Bridge” tab.

Change the From to ETH (or whatever the default cryptocurrency is) to STARS.

After you connect your wallet to AnySwap will be able to see the amount of STARS you have..

Mogul Productions - STARS

Make sure the amount of STARS you are swapping is at least the minimum (circled below). 

Then click “Swap”. The click “Confirm” when prompted.

Mogul Productions - Swap

Scroll down and click “Confirm” on your wallet.

Mogul Productions - Confirm

(If you wish to see more information on swapping STARS click here.

Once the swap is complete.  Go back to Mogul Marketplace and select the other network that you were swapping STARS to. This will prompt Metamask or whichever wallet you are using to switch to the same network

Mogul Marketplace - BSC
Mogul Productions - Ethereum

You should see the STARS you swapped on your other network now.

Mogul Productions - Stars Mogul

Select the NFT you wish to buy with STARS. Click on Purchase NFT

Mogul Productions - Purchase NFT

Select “Approve” 

Mogul Productions - Approve

Mogul Productions - Metamask

Confirm the transaction.

Mogul Productions - Confirm Transaction

Once confirmed, the NFT is ready to be purchased with STARS.

Click “Purchase”

* NOTE: If the wallet did NOT allow you to make the NFT purchase, scroll down to the TROUBLE SHOOTING section.

Mogul Productions - Metamask Notification

Your wallet will ask you to Confirm the purchase.  Click “Confirm”

Mogul Productions - Transaction Completed
Mogul Productions - Tier 4

The NFT purchase is now completed.  As long as your wallet is linked to the Mogul NFT Marketplace, you can now Transfer or Sell your NFT.

Mogul Productions - Reveal Content

Also the unlockable content within this particular NFT is now unlocked.

Mogul Productions - Signature Content

Every NFT purchase is unique. In this particular case regarding Unlockable Content, the Metamask wallet is asking to “Sign” that the wallet’s account is the rightful owner. .

The Mogul NFT Marketplace should update the amount of NFTs owned on the connected wallet. 

Mogul NFT Marketplace


The NFT purchase transaction should go through.  Unless you get this message.

Mogul NFT Marketplace Transaction

Every transaction swap on blockchain requires gas. Depending on the Network you are transacting in you will need either  ETH or BNB.  On the Ethereum gas is paid with ETH and on the Binance chain it’s paid with BNB. 

If you don’t have ETH or BNB depending on the Network, you will have to…

Buy it by selecting and clicking on “Buy”.  Then continue to either Transak to pay by credit card or Apple Pay.  (Both options will automatically copy your wallet address over) ….

 …Or pay by direct deposit.

Mogul NFT Marketplace BNB
Mogul NFT Marketplace Deposit BNB

From there it will take you to the Transak website to select the amount f 

Mogul NFT Marketplace Directly Deposit BNB

Use Transak with a credit card or Apply Pay will require going through a KYC (Know Your Client) Process. Once completed and the transaction is approved, your ETH or BSC tokens will appear in your wallet.

Mogul NFT Marketplace - Use Transak

or receive it from another wallet into your wallet.  Click on the copy button where your address is and give it to the sender wallet to receive the proper cryptocurrency into your MetaMask wallet, in this example.

Mogul NFT Marketplace - Account

Is there only one MetaMask address?

Yes, you use the same address for different ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, as long as your wallet is compatible with the ERC20 token you can use it with that wallet on the same address.



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