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Funky Matas, Creator of [why] Q&A

Please introduce yourself and share some career moments that you’re most proud of.


Funky: Hi. I’m Funky Matas.  I’m some sort of alien species apparently.  I like to do what my body and soul tell me to, and apparently that is really weird according to modern day society.  I’ve done a lot throughout my life. Breaking bones, fracturing my skull, climbing the Hollywood sign, breaking a world record, working with hundreds of celebrities, etc.  But what I’m mostly proud of is helping people in need.  


Now obviously you’re known for your unique tattoo experiments, specifically your world record for most tattooed signatures on your body. What’s something you’re not as known for but equally as proud of? What’s the Funky Matas lore people don’t know but you wish they knew?


Funky: I’m a musician.  I studied percussion in Los Angeles and I play the drums.  I eventually got kicked out for playing naked with a sock on my cock in honor of The Red Hot Chili Peppers because I got hired to do a music video with them.  Also I can eat 932 tator tots in one go.  


As a tattoo artist, are there any particular pieces you’re especially proud of? How active have you been as a tattoo artist since your career as a content creator took off?


Funky: I tattooed for a living for over 10 years.  But some of the things in my tattoo career that I am most proud of are getting tattooed by a monkey, getting a tattoo while riding a horse, getting tattooed on a jet ski, getting tattooed by a drone, and getting tattooed while skydiving.  


Beyond your tattoo skills, you mentioned you’re a musician and you got kicked put of music school for wearing only a sock. Are you still looking to pursue music at some point or is it more of a hobby? 


Funky: I don’t know what’s in store for me and my music career.  I use playing the drums as an escape of all the ignorance in the world.  I’ve been playing as a regular at a local bar here in Miami and it’s restarting the spark for music for me.  Who knows what will happen I am completely open to anything in the music world! 


As it relates to your Mogul project [why], what are some things you plan to cover in the series and what do you hope audiences take away from the show generally?


Funky: I just want to test the boundaries of society.  I want to see what is acceptable and what isn’t.  And why.  I’m planning on getting into a ton of trouble, but not without logical arguments in order to justify my actions and make people question the society they live in.  I would like people to wake up and open their eyes and see the reality of life and why society desperately needs to change!      


Are there any subjects or topics that offend or upset you that you’ll look to explore on the show, but in a way where you seek to better understand them and perhaps even change your own opinion or view? How much of the show will be about challenging your own views versus exposing hypocrisy of views you don’t align with or don’t understand?


Funky: It’s very difficult to offend me.  I’m very open minded and try to analyze situations before reacting to them.  Good luck!   


Ultimately it seems [why] will hit on some heavy or controversial subject matter, whereas much of your content is fairly fun and light hearted. How do you plan to make heavy topics match the energy of your usual content or will this project be more of a departure content wise for you?   


Funky: I’m tired of fun and lighthearted.  It’s time to leave a footprint on history.  I’m coming for nonsense with everything I have.  I’m confronting every controversial topic I can think of with logic, and I don’t care who is in the way.  


One of the things about working with Mogul is the ability to genuinely engage your audience and provide unique opportunities to them. When it comes to the perks and rewards for supporting [why] what are the ones you’re most excited about? Are there any you can’t wait to deliver to the Mogul members who support your show?   


Funky: All of them to be honest.  The more people involved the happier I will be.  I’m excited about people contributing to the ideas of the show.  I’m excited to have one lucky person’s signature tattooed on my back to be part of a world record alongside hundreds of celebrities.  I’m excited to bring someone on set and have them see the behind the scenes of what an actual day of filming looks like baby!   This journey will be incredible!  💛   


If there’s anything else you want to share that I might’ve missed, please do so here:

Funky: My left testicle hangs lower than the right one.