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December 4th Newsletter

December 4th Newsletter Mogul Productions

Dear Mogul Community,

STARS and the Mogul Productions platform were originally launched on the Ethereum network. To help increase transaction speeds and lower fees, our team worked to make STARS BEP-20 compliant and available on Binance Smart Chain on July 15, 2021. We also partnered with AnySwap.Exchange to allow users to bridge their STARS between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

The Mogul BSC Marketplace was launched on November 10, 2021. Today, we celebrate over $60,000 in sales on the BSC Marketplace! We’re excited to share this success with you, the Mogul community. As a thank you, Beefy Finance has re-enabled staking of STARS-BNB LP on Beefy.Finance, this time for 30 days! We look forward to more successes as we continue to grow the Mogul community.


The Mogul Productions Team

Beefy Finance


Congrats to @Dbcryptosphere! The winning artwork for the Mogul Productions & NFTY Labs Art Contest will be available on the Mogul NFT Marketplace

Earn more rewards. You can earn STARS by participating in ybfMETA and the associated ybfMETA STARS Booster Pool on BiShares.Finance.

We’re migrating to MoralisWeb3! This migration will enhance the user experience by combating congestion on the Binance Smart Chain, and it will support scalability for the growth of our project. You can find our project roadmap here.


Thursday, December 9 @ 10 AM

Cindy Cowan, Chief Strategy Officer at Mogul Productions, will participate in a panel discussion with the Producers Guild of America. They will discuss how bitcoin, blockchain, and NFTs can be used to raise production financing and handle operating expenses. PGA Members can register for this panel.

On Twitter?  Which Vietnamese celebrity in the film industry would you like to see do a #Metaverse event with Mogul and CEEK? Let us know here!

On Discord?  Join us for AMA with BiShares.Finance next week!

If you don’t already follow us, you should! We’re on every channel, and you’ll stay informed on all the opportunities to participate in giveaways, win prizes, and you’ll be first in line for information on new drops.



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