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Bonded AMA Recap

This post recaps the AMA with Jon Graham, one of the producers of Bonded that took place on the Mogul Official Discord Server on Monday, February 14th.

Intro: Welcome to the AMA @everyone! 👋

Today we’re going to be joined by @JonnyG (Jon Graham). We’ll talk about Bonded, the upcoming NFT collection, and the opportunity to have producer credits in the film. 

Welcome to the channel, @JonnyG!

Jon Graham: Hey Naj! Excited to be here

Intro: Nice to meet you! It would be great if you could introduce yourself and tell the community a bit about your film, Bonded. ⭐️

Jon Graham: Hey everybody… great to meet you all… I’m one of the producers on an upcoming feature film called Bonded which was Mogul’s first film investment…

The film a scripted drama/thriller about kids being trafficked from Mexico to Los Angeles

The story is about a young kid from Mexico with dreams of being a soccer star who is sold to the cartel by his family and trafficked to California… and is about his struggles to escape his situation

Q1: We are thrilled to partner with you guys and are grateful that these credits were made available to our community via Mogul’s early investment in Bonded. 

Before we dive into things, can you please give the audience an update on where things are at in the production phase? We have a lot of community members that are dying to see this film.

Jon Graham: Yes! We are now in the final stages of post production… We are just waiting for the last couple VFX (visual effects shots) to be delivered by our VFX provider… our director actually flew back to Mexico City today where he will spend a couple days doing the final sound mix and color correction and then the film will be finished!

We recently brought on Oscar nominated Mexican director Luis Mandoki who fell in love with the film and will be arranging screenings for prominent Mexican Actors and Directors… and we’ll begin submitting the film to the summer film festivals in Europe and North America

Q2: People have been asking “Wen Bonded?” and hearing this news from you is awesome!

We announced less than a week ago that Bonded will have an NFT collection. As a film producer, this must be exciting to see how NFTs provide a way for fans to get closer to the action in ways which were not previously thought possible?

Jon Graham: Yes I think this is a really unique opportunity for mogul fans… especially for people that aren’t a part of the film industry… Usually to get an Executive Producer or Associate Producer credit you need to invest significant funds into the film or spend months/years working on its production…  and for the first time we are bringing this opportunity to the mogul community via NFTs….

This is a great way to drive engagement and awareness and direct involvement in the film from the mogul community… super exciting for us!

We are thrilled to bring some mogul members onto our film as producers!

Q3: Absolutely! This is definitely exciting! Imagine having your name in the credits. It would feel amazing and just special not just for the NFT owners but also to the filmmakers, like you, to integrate this new thing to your film.

There will be 2 NFTs, an Associate Producer credit and an Executive producer credit – can you please give an overview on what winners of the auction can expect to receive in the form of utility?

Jon Graham: Yes I think you nailed it… your name will appear in the films credits in posterity forever… whether you are watching the film in a theater or on Netflix… your name will always be there!

You’ll also be invited to a private screening of the film and have your name listed as a executive/associate producer on IMDB

I think this is a really unique opportunity especially for lovers of film

Q4: Definitely! We’ll be the first to do that. 

Will there be a private screening? When do you think this is most likely to take place? Are you guys aiming for 2022 still?

I got really excited and I asked three questions

Jon Graham: Yes definitely in 2022… we’ll be looking to host some private screening later this spring once we have the final version of the film… most of our other producers are located in Toronto or LA so we’ll be arranging private screenings there

Also in Mexico City!

Q5: Maybe, I can get an invite to the Mexico City screening. 

What perk do you think is most valuable for a potential buyer other than the producer credits?

Jon Graham: I think anyone who has sat in a dark theater and seen the names of the actors, directors and producers come up on the screen has always wanted to see their name up there too… certainly for me… I think that is pretty special…  you also get to read the shooting version of the script… will get the digital NFT to add to your collection and become part of the team that has brought this incredibly powerful, emotional and important story to life!

And I’m sure as we get into different film festivals around the world there will be some other cool perks for the mogul community!

Q6: I know this is like a question that many people ask the director and producers in every film, but I just want to ask, what other points from the film make this story unique for people to go and watch and see it in the cinema or via streaming services?

Jon Graham: I think what makes this story so powerful is that it is shedding light on a real problem that people don’t think exists in the developed world… there are over 40 million people in slavery around the world TODAY which is more than any other time in human history… and it is happening in every major city around the world… our film takes the viewer on a journey to see first hand how this happens… the film is very intense and a thriller with a lot of suspense and heart… this is a film everyone needs to see!

And the 14 year old kid that plays the lead is an incredible actor… plus you’ll see a bunch of familiar faces from Narcos/Narcos Mexico

Conclusion: I’m personally excited to see Bonded and I’m sure that everyone in the community is excited too! 

Thanks @JonnyG for your time and we can’t wait for the NFT auction to launch at 7am PST next Wednesday, 23rd February! 

This will be powered by BSC $STARS and provides the community another form of utility to get involved with something unique in the form of NFTs! Associate Producer NFT pricing starts at 75,000 STARS and Executive Producer NFT starts at 150,000 STARS.

If no one has questions for @JonnyG, I’ll end this AMA. Thanks again, Jon!

Jon Graham: Thanks Naj – we’re excited to meet the new producers!