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Attention Mogul Access Pass holders!

Ever wanted to see yourself on the big screen? Ever wanted to play in a movie that you played a part in greenlighting? Now is your chance!

Mogul will be working with Rob Prior to create a special NFT for our Access Pass holders, where collectors will be able to collect their way into playing a role in a Mogul-produced movie!

Rob Prior, the Marvel and DC Comics artist, will be live-painting a piece that the community chooses for him to paint. This piece will be created into an NFT and every Access Pass holder will receive 1 NFT of the painting.

If any Access Pass holder is able to collect more than 50% of the total number of NFTs, Mogul will be rewarding them with a part in a Mogul-produced movie!


If any Access Pass holder is able to collect 95% of the total number of NFTs they will be awarded 25 million STARS tokens.

These STARS tokens will be unused until a winner is deemed in this contest.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Mogul will be issuing a form to all Access Pass holders asking for their input on what they, the fans, want Rob Prior to paint
  2. Mogul will collect the answers from the Access Pass holders and organize them into the top 3 suggestions
  3. Access Pass holders to vote on the top choice that they want Rob to paint
  4. Rob will livestream himself painting the masterpiece for Mogul Access Pass holders
  5. The piece will be created into an NFT
  6. Each Access Pass holder will be issued, in the same wallet that they purchased a pass with, their piece of the Rob Prior NFT
  7. The contest begins.

Any Access Pass holder can collect more than 50% of the NFTs issued and receive a part in a movie.

Any Mogul user can collect 95% of the NFTs issued and received 25 million STARS

Are you ready for one of the largest contests in blockchain history to begin?