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Access Pass NFTs Have Arrived!

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As of today, all early users who purchased one of the tiered Access Passes were notified that they can now view their Access Passes on the Ethereum blockchain! Here’s the message they received.

You’ve seen the breakdown of each Access Pass tier, and you know about their value as it pertains to unique film experiences, rewards, and NFTs such as the chance to meet the cast and crew of a movie Mogul is funding, spending a day on set, attending a red carpet premiere, or getting a producing credit on a movie! 

But the even better news is that your Access Pass is capable of so much more!

You can log into your Mogul account right now, connect your Metamask wallet, and view your Access Pass NFT from within the Mogul dashboard. Within the metadata of the NFT, Mogul can identify, across multiple platforms, which level of access you will receive. This will allow us to create more unique experiences and utility for specific tiers of Access Pass holders in the future beyond what you see today!

Few other projects in the world allow this level of access to an NFT! Mogul NFTs are integrated, on Day 1, with Rarible and Opensea NFT standards as well as our own Mogul standards for our platform. The cross-platform interoperability and native utility of the Mogul platform is truly unique.We’re excited to continue on this journey with you all!

In fact, you’ll be able to see all the Mogul NFTs you own, all in one place. As your collection starts to grow, it will be entirely viewable from our new NFT viewer, right in the Mogul dashboard.

An example of more interoperable utility to our Access Passes is our recently announced partnership with NFTY Labs. Soon, these NFTs will grant Access Pass holders entry to exclusive, gated Telegram & potentially Discord communities to participate in more intimate conversations with the Mogul team and our partners, including filmmakers and talent!

Plus, we’re hosting the world’s biggest blockchain-based contest, where only Access Pass holders have a chance to earn a role in a movie or even 25,000,000 STARS tokens! Access Pass holders will have more opportunities for exclusive NFT drops like this in the future.

Those of you who requested a physical version of the NFT will receive them as soon as they are ready; we appreciate your patience. Once received, each physical NFT has a unique QR code attached so you can identify that your NFT is real and that it is matched to your digital NFT. Soon, you will be able to verify the authenticity of all your Mogul NFTs at 

We’re proud to be one of the first-ever blockchain projects to connect digital and physical NFTs together at scale as proof that you own the exclusive rights to your Access Pass and all of the amazing benefits that come with it.

Lastly, Access Passes are transferable. This means that you have the ability to trade them with other users so they can enjoy the experience of all that an Access Pass offers, or you can sell them if you choose to. This can be done on OpenSea, Rarible, or within the Mogul NFT Marketplace (coming soon!). You can even hold an auction of your own (like we did with Marvel & DC Comics artist Rob Prior).

We’re always striving to make Mogul better and we will leave no stone unturned in this mission. You can always count on this, especially when it comes to your new Access Pass NFT. 


The Mogul Team

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