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A Force Awakens in Mogieland!

Mogies in Mogieland_A Force Space Cosplay Characters | NFT | Film3

From the animators that brought The Simpsons series, The Simpsons Movie and VR attractions at Universal Studios Japan, comes the first ever NFT animated series.

The Mogies is a collection of 1,923 NFTs inspired by the last 100 years of Hollywood characters and personalities leading into the upcoming animated series and Mogieland metaverse.  

Also included are Mogies from a galaxy far, far away. 

UFO Sighting: Mojave Desert

Population: 1,923 

Amidst scrub brush and desert dunes, a UFO has landed and then obscured itself. It’s a shrouded forcefield that has taken the shape of an old tube television laid on its back. What goes on behind its opaque borders has remained a mystery…until now

Mogies are aliens that feed on entertainment. 

They’ve come to Earth because it’s the biggest entertainment source.  

Mogies look and act like all our favorite characters and Hollywood icons from the past 100 years. Yes, even ones from the dark side of the metaverse.

Rebels, bounty hunters, princesses, are engaged in epic adventures and mysteries while interacting with children’s characters, talk show hosts and various other famous Hollywood-inspired characters.

Mogies live in Mogieland. 

1,923 original, handcrafted CGI NFTs were made in partnership with the animators of the Simpsons and are part of the upcoming, first ever NFT animated series, Mogies.  They were designed as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Hollywood sign being erected.

Mogieland is where where movies meet blockchain. It a metaverse inspired by the traditional landmarks of Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Hills. The metaverse breaks geographical barriers to access exclusive events and brings them global, into a universe where brands, fans, movies, and celebrities can interact.

When humans enter Mogieland they become Mogies too!

Within the Mogieland metaverse Mogies NFT holders will be able to: 

  • Own land. All Mogie holders will receive a piece of land in Mogieland
  • Take their Mogies to movie premieres and red carpet events
  • Mingle with film and entertainment creators plus get behind-the-scenes looks 
  • Attend first screening viewings of films partnered with Mogul Productions
  • Watch movies with tickets paid for in STARS tokens 
  • Enjoy hangout areas with other cinema lovers in VR environments to discuss all things entertainment and Mogul 
  • Attend meet and greets with the stars
  • Attend concerts
  • Attend fashion shows
  • Buy NFT’s from virtual stores
  • Build your own place in Mogieland and show off all your NFT’s
  • Own iconic pieces of Hollywood transformed in Mogieland
  • Show off your virtual style by wearing your own NFT fashions
  • Play to earn in Studio City

Much more utility and many more features are being added in Mogieland over time as Mogul expands its rapidly growing list of partners.

All Mogie holders will receive a piece of land in Mogieland. If a purchaser owns a Mogie and an Access Pass they will receive two plots of land in Mogieland. If a purchaser owns a Mogie, Access Pass, and a certain threshold of STARS tokens to be announced at a later date, they will receive 3 plots of land in Mogieland. These plots of land are randomly distributed according to the type of Mogie and Access Pass.
Rarer Mogies and Access Passes will have a higher weighting to receive more coveted locations of land.

Selected characters from amongst the NFT collection have already been chosen as characters of the Mogies animated series. As more scripts are written, characters are animated, and episodes produced, certain Mogies will be joining the cast. 

Which ones are already stars, that we can’t tell you. You’re gonna need to watch to find out.

Mogies Reward redemption

The Mogies collection of NFTs support the creation of the new animated series. To ensure that the Mogieland and Mogies ecosystem is healthy and continually adding more utility, 50% of all 7.5% secondary market royalties will go directly towards growing the project.   Also 10% of all future rewards from the Mogies animated series, wearables, collectibles, or line of figurines will be distributed to Mogie NFT holders as rewards quarterly.

Mogie NFT owners will get the ability to participate in the animation series development. In the private Discord channel, Mogie owners can be part of the animated filmmaking process in partnership with the animators of the Simpsons. They can make suggestions about the series and have direct input to the creators.

Once the Mogies animated series airs, the studio version of the Pilot will be transformed into an exclusive NFT and be sent out to all Mogie holders. As part of the Mogies derivative collection, users will own a piece of a TV series. In addition a special thank you will be shown in the credits at the end of episodes to select holders.

The owners of the Hollywood-inspired characters NFTs will also have the IP rights to these characters forever.  All of which come with valuable smart contract benefits.  

Mogieland visitors will be able to visit the walkaround environment and partake in the festivities. Hollywood is one of the most highly trafficked tourist destinations in the world.  Soon Mogieland will be too. All powered by STARS tokens.

Only exclusive Mogie NFT holders will have the privilege of walking around as one of the STARS of cinema and entertainment plus enjoy exclusive perks.   

Once all 1923 Mogies have been distributed, we will commence with the reveal, and everyone will be able to see which of their Mogies they received.

How will the Mogies NFT sale work?

Phase 1: Public Sale Dutch Auction

Mogies will be sold in a Dutch Auction process, which means that Mogies will start at 1 ETH and the price will slowly decrease at a rate of 0.2 ETH every 24 hours

Phase 2: Whitelist Sale for Access Pass holders (NFTs reserved for them)

The 1,073 Mogies will be available to those on the whitelist and will be sold at the last price of the Dutch Auction.  

Phase 3: Public Sale

Any remaining Mogies will be available for 72 hours  and will be sold at the last price of the Dutch Auction.  

Phase 3.5: Bonus Mint

Any unsold NFTs will be allocated to the first purchasers from the dutch auction. This phase will only occur in the unlikely event that the Mogies allocated for public sale do not sell out within a 72 hour period.

Phase 4: Reveal

Once all the Mogies have been distributed, we will commence with the reveal, and everyone will be able to see which of their Mogies they received.

Mogies pays homage to the top entertainers and creators that helped make Hollywood what it is today, and create a standard for the next 100 years of filmmaking that will occur within Film3.

Film3 is a movement spearheaded by Mogul Productions and our community to empower film and content creators to create movies and content in better fan exclusive ways using blockchain technology. 

Mogul is where movies meet blockchain through DeFi and NFTs, and now, the Metaverse through Mogies and their new home, Mogieland.

Mogies were designed by Erick Tran and his team at CHAVVO Studios. The award-winning, transmedia production team has worked with major Hollywood studios including Disney, Universal, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Animation, Cartoon Network, Fox, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and EA. 

The team has been involved in the production of major box office hits including The Simpsons Movie and series, Kung Fu Panda, The Avengers and many more.

“Mogieland is a homage to Hollywood, to our favorite characters, actors, and movies that have made us. Mogul is set out to make this the very first NFT animated series and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them. Mogul has given us creative freedom to develop something original and special in this space. It’s great to see Mogul supporting creators and the animation community like very few others have. We are committed to this project and the NFT community. As a NFT producer we want to be a major player in the NFT space. Working with Mogul, I can see that really coming to fruition.” says Erick Tran, founder and producer.  



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