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[Why] – Docuseries by Funky Matas

Funky Matas and his fans.
Funky Matas and his fans.

Funky Matas, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a social media entertainer and tattoo artist known for holding the world record for the most signatures tattooed on his back, with over 225 such signatures including celebrities like Will Smith, Gerard Butler, and many others​​. Aside from his signature collection, Funky Matas is known for accomplishing daring feats, such as tattooing himself while skydiving, and he even made history by being the first person to be tattooed by a monkey. His next project is to create a show that pushes boundaries and uncovers the truth about our society.

[why] is a daring TV show hosted by online personality Funky Matas. It delves into unexplored and controversial topics, aiming to dismantle societal norms and expose hidden truths while testing the boundaries of what “should” or “shouldn’t” be done. Through candid stories, logical analysis, and fearless questioning, the show encourages viewers to challenge their
beliefs, embrace critical thinking, and construct new perspectives. By uncovering manipulation and promoting individual reflection, “why)” seeks to empower audiences to break free from conventional narratives, leading them towards a more enlightened understanding of the world.

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