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Killing Angel

Eve, an elite government warrior augmented with artificial
intelligence, is a living paradigm of law and order. But after a
crime syndicate kidnaps her daughter, Mimi, Eve must turn
to the one man that can aid her rogue rescue mission: an
incarcerated former flame named Sage Brooks. It’s an
uneasy alliance given Brooks is a vocal opponent of A.I.
enhancement in humans and Eve’s the one who put him in
jail – and just dropped the bombshell that he’s Mimi’s
biological father. An epic running battle with the syndicate
unfolds as Eve and Brooks hunt down its aspiring kingpin,
the maniacal Prince Jay, before he can unleash his own AI
malware that will hand him total control of the city. In the
final showdown, everything hinges on what ultimately
defines us as human – our capacity for sacrifice.

Click Here to watch an EPE Original – KILLING ANGEL TEASER (Dir. Simon Hung)

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