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Real time Pricing

Supply & Demand

Industry's First

Continuous Organization

Mogul has developed the first continuous organization model to bring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to film. A community governed model that maintains supply while delegating cash flow, and providing constant liquidity for participants.

Using bonding curves* and decentralized, autonomous smart contracts we are able to provide dynamic pricing, liquidity and more.

*A bonding curve is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply.

Introducing a fair
governance model

Smart Voting

Mogul Quadratic Voting is set up to incentivize users to vote on films and governance proposals in a fair way. To cast votes, users must stake tokens. To guard against undue influence from large token holders, all votes are counted using a formula that makes each vote exponentially more expensive to cast.

Mogul Rewards

Rewards, access, governance and in-app currency program designed to bring DeFi to the film industry. Based on blockchain, the program is intuitive, cost-effective, trackable and auditable, and promotes engagement and active participation in the Mogul ecosystem

Sponsored Transactions

Transferable ERC-20 DeFi Token

Burn & Mint Technology

Instantaneous Transactions

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Smart Wallet

Secure, recoverable,
username-based wallets for
easy access to DeFi

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Multi-Asset Support

Non-Fungible & Fungible Tokens

Client-Side Encryption

Username Addresses

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Mogul is for all types of film industry professionals, contributors, and fans. If you have any questions, a partnership proposal, or just want to say hi, please contact us at

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