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Paul Gerben City of Dreams Poster NFT

For art fans (or anyone capable of executing a Google search) it’s hard not to be elated over the upcoming opportunity to collect a piece of art by legendary fine artist, Paul Gerben.


Known for his medium-bending approach to creating art, Gerben has worked with many of the world’s most iconic figures, some of whom are also among his most famous collectors–Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio to name a few.


From his pop art to photojournalism, Gerben’s artistic range is as impressive as the final products. Given City of Dreams’ focus on child slavery and the trafficking rings that make it possible, Gerben’s poster art takes a straightforward approach by recreating the film’s poster using the photos of missing children.


Those looking to collect limited edition NFTs of Gerben’s City of Dreams poster only have to do three simple things:


  • Attend a screening of City of Dreams between August 30th and September 30th and save your ticket stub/receipt.
  • Join the Mogul Telegram chat.
  • Share a photo of your City of Dreams ticket stub/receipt in the Mogul Telegram chat.


To learn more about Paul Gerben, this profile and interview by Elevated Magazines is an excellent read.


You can also visit Gerben’s website at:


Campaign Announcement – City of Dreams

While recent focus has been on the continued development of the Mogul Film3 Dashboard and the launch of Mogul token, the time has come to begin rolling out the numerous and exciting film campaigns.

First up, is the film City of Dreams, a heroic thriller, which Mogul Productions was an early investor in. With a release date teed up for August 30th, this campaign will lean into the core themes of the film, giving audiences the opportunity to do some good while also receiving limited edition rewards.

The City of Dreams campaign will feature an NFT mint that will be rooted in philanthropy, specifically as it relates to combating child trafficking.

Funds raised from the NFT Sale will be used to drive awareness around the issue of child trafficking and modern slavery, allow under-represented audiences, trafficking victims, and those without the financial means the ability to see the film.

Additionally, a pair of tickets to both the Miami and Los Angeles premieres of City of Dreams will be raffled off using $MOGUL token, allowing supporters of the campaign the opportunity to see the film early.

For those who see the film during the first month of its release, they will have an opportunity to get limited edition art from accomplished fine artist, Paul Gerben. All they’ll need to do to claim the unique art NFT is to share a photo of their City of Dreams ticket stub in one of the primary Mogul social channels, either in the Mogul Telegram chat or by tagging us on Twitter/X.

Below you can find the primary dates for the campaign road map and the key events happening during it.

July 22nd

Whitelist Presale

August 7th

Public Minting Event

August 14th

Launch on Mogul

August 21st

Launch on Other Platforms

August 30th

City of Dreams Theatrical Release


Eyeing A Late 2024 Release Harvester of Eyes Brings Hellacious Terror to Mogul Productions

From the depths of Hell to the Earthly realm, demons who’ve found a new way of collecting souls will terrorize humanity in Harvester of Eyes, an upcoming horror film from Charach and Mogul Productions.

Directed by Mark Polonia, Harvester of Eyes begins shooting in Fall 2024 and will bring to screen a terrifyingly gruesome tale about demonic entities stealing eyes in order to gain access to the souls of their victims.

Given the cult popularity of the horror genre, Mogul Productions along with Executive Producer, Randy Charach, and Producer, David Sterling, cannot wait to make willing audiences squirm as Hellspawn pluck eyes and steal souls.

From Randy Charach of CHARACH PRODUCTIONS:

“Prepare yourselves for a spine-chilling journey into darkness with Harvester of Eyes. As the executive producer, I’m beyond excited to unveil this terrifying tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for a rollercoaster of fear and suspense, as Harvester of Eyes promises to haunt your dreams long after the credits roll. Don’t blink – you won’t want to miss this!”

Audiences will have to wait until the latter part of 2024 to see if humanity can survive the evil forces coming for their eyes, but guaranteed it will be hard to look away once Harvester of Eyes comes to screens worldwide.


Texas Nightmare Showcases Fragility of the Mind Through Writer’s Block and a Murderous Cult

When a case of writer’s block sends an author to a remote cabin in the Texas hill country, she quickly learns that there are worse things than being uninspired.


Texas Nightmare, a horror film from Charach Productions and Michael Merino, plays with many of the elements that have served the genre well: isolation, remote cabins, and of course, a murderous cult.


As our author confines herself to a cabin to force herself to finish her novel, her plan to find creation through solitude is undone by the realization she is not alone. Meeting a deadline takes on new meaning for her as her sole focus becomes that of survival instead of turning out pages.


The cast features horror veterans Felissa Rose and Sadie Katz (who stars in another upcoming Randy Charach and Mogul film, Clutch), as well as an exciting cast of characters. 

With production set to wrap for Texas Nightmare around the end of summer 2024, Mogul Productions in partnership with MCM Productions and Charach Productions is eyeing a possible late 2025 release. As a result, the Mogul community can expect unique reward and support opportunities to go live really soon. From a role in the film, to collecting props to producer credits, there will be a variety of ways to support the release of Texas Nightmare.


Best American Movies

As Americans celebrate 248 years of independence today, let’s celebrate some of the best American movies ever made. Criteria for this can be pretty loose, but we’ll focus on what films best sum up the American experience.


1.Forrest Gump – One of the most successful films from the 90s, Tom Hanks portrayal of Forrest Gump produced easily one of the greatest American films of all-time.


As Forrest finds himself at key moments throughout American history, his character and the overall story represents a true underdog story. And if folks remember correctly, underdogs are what helped America break free from the rule of a King.


  1. Rambo First Blood – One of Sylvester Stallone’s most famous roles, Rambo First Blood tells the story of a Vietnam veteran who returned home from an awful war, only to feel discarded by society.


While it may not be the most pleasant American experience, not all American experiences have been pleasant. It’s been a complex and challenging pursuit of the perfect union, and sending men off to seemingly pointless wars has been part of that.


In Rambo, John Rambo finds himself at war with the local sheriff after he arrives in town to look for an old friend. This confrontation is central to one of the eighties’ most iconic movies.


  1. Independence Day – Literally named after the 4th of July, it wouldn’t feel right to leave this movie off the list, despite the fact that it’s about fighting off an alien invasion of Earth.


Will Smith and Bill Paxton turned into classic performances for this most beloved movie. Sure it may not be a premise rooted in Americana outright but it certainly reflects the American spirit as humanity comes together to repel the alien forces and save the day.


  1. Band Of Brothers – Speaking of humanity coming together to repel evil, Band Of Brothers has to make the list given its historical value of being one of the most successful WW2 war docuseries ever produced.


Depicting the heroics of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army, Band Of Brothers was a great vehicle to showcase the sacrifices and efforts made by allied troops during WW2. It also showcased the value of great effort and attention to detail from a filmmaking perspective, winning it numerous Emmys.Emma’s.


  1. Tombstone – A list of best American movies wouldn’t be complete without something from the wild west, and since a Will Smith film was already listed, we can’t just end easily with Wild Wild West.


Fortunately, Tombstone exists. Based on the series of the events leading up to the

shootout at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone is a timeless piece of American entertainment and cinema. Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, and Sam Elliot (among others) turned in legendary performances that honored the likes of American western icons like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.


Audiences Will Discover Not All Games Are Fun in Mogul’s Newest Film Homicide/Suicide

Some men claim all women are crazy, which isn’t a fair assessment of course, unless you happen to be one of six men being held hostage by a woman in clown makeup and being forced to play a game for your life.


And that’s precisely the premise of Mogul Productions’ newest film, Homicide/Suicide, which is directed by Dale Stelly and stars Robert Ri’chard, Marcus T. Paulk, and Sasha Del Valle.


Written by Mogul’s own Head of Development, Randy Charach, in addition to A.B. Dollars and director, Dale Stelly, Homicide/Suicide is a demented thriller that might feel a bit familiar to audiences who’ve seen any of the Saw movies. However, as they’ll learn, not all games are the same–and they’re certainly not all fun.


“The plot for this film was inspired by a blend of real-life events and the desire to explore universal themes such as resilience, human connection, and the complexities of personal growth,” said Randy Charach. “We wanted to create characters and situations that audiences could relate to on a deep emotional level while also offering a unique perspective or twist that challenges conventional thinking.”


The film leans heavy into the concept of revenge as well as redemption, but for the six men being held hostage, it will take a bit for them to understand why they earned one woman’s wrath. Make no mistake though, they’ve earned it, and if they hope to get out alive they’ll need to win the game at the expense of each other. Then again, there might not be any winners after all.


Only way to find out is to watch Homicide/Suicide when it hits streaming platforms late 2024/early 2025.


“Ultimately, we want viewers to reflect on the human condition and perhaps see their own experiences mirrored in the characters’ journeys,” added Charach. “The film is intended to be thought-provoking yet accessible, offering both entertainment and a deeper exploration of what it means to be human.”

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Lyriq Bent, TITI Lead Actor Q&A

Please introduce yourself and share some career moments that you’re most proud of.


Lyriq: My name is Lyriq Bent, I’ve been an actor for 24 years. That didn’t sound right but that’s my truth. I’m not most proud of any moments of my career, I’m most proud that I choose acting as my career and proud of all the decisions I’ve made. 


At this point you’ve been acting for over two decades. Bringing it back to the beginning, what inspired or motivated you to pursue acting as a career? How did you go from dream to reality?


Lyriq: No real inspiration was responsible. It was more desperation meeting unseen opportunity. I only give myself credit for embracing something foreign/unknown to me. It was never a dream to become an actor. I didn’t even know it was an option. My reality was life needed to be lived and my new baby boy was my motivation. 


You’ve had a variety of opportunities, both as a co-star and a lead in films. Is there any difference in how to approach a role as a co-star versus a lead or is it all the same process focused on embodying that character as believably as you can?


Lyriq: That’s a subjective question. A great question nonetheless. I believe creatively the process is the same for lead and co-lead characters. However, socially my approach as a co-star is a large part of my process. I take the time to understand my leads personality and temperament to understand how to best assist them to be their best. 


In TITI, you’ll be playing the lead role, Titi Adroniki. What are you most excited about in regards to this role? Also how good of a rapper are you given that will he central of the Titi character?


Lyriq: I’m excited because it’s very different from what’s out there right now. Terrified because we’re turning Shakespeare upside down and making it our own. I’m not a rapper or musically inclined. That is also terrifying but also excites me. What can I say… I’m an artist.


You mentioned on one of the Mogul Live Spaces that when Richard Short approached you about doing something Shakespeare related, Titus Andronicus was the play you wanted to explore and reimagine. What about Titus Andronicus did you find more compelling than the other options?


Lyriq: I felt Titus Andronicus lacked courage. Not the character. The author. I felt like the characters were judged by the author, leaving no room for character growth. That concept goes against my belief when bringing a character to life. So not that Titus Andronicus was compelling, but more so lacking. 


Given your roles in the Saw franchise, which is known for its depravity and gruesome scenes, is there something you find interesting about films that depict humans at their worst? After all, Titus Andronicus is certainly one of Shakespeare’s more depraved works. Do you find these films offer unique challenges or opportunities for an actor?


Lyriq: I do believe such films offer unique opportunities and challenges but not for the reasons you mention. Part of my role choice was what was on the table at the time. Part me wanting to stretch myself creatively. It was never deep approach at that time.


With TITI what are you hoping audiences end up taking from the finished product?


Lyriq: I hope the audience walks away entertained! That’s it. And I hope we do it well enough that they can have conversations about why they were entertained. 


Now you’ve been involved with Mogul Productions for a little bit now. What attracted you to Mogul and what are some ways you think working with Mogul to develop TITI will be unlike other experiences you’ve had making films?

Lyriq: With Mogul getting the opportunity to build an organic fan base for TITI, and showing independent filmmakers a new way to go about making a film from the cradle to the grave is what’s attractive to me. TITI will be the blueprint.

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Richard Short, TITI Writer-Director Q&A

Please introduce yourself and share some career moments that you’re most proud of.


Richard: Richard Short. Mary Kills People, Tragedy of Macbeth, played Richard Burton in the world premieres of Lawrence Wright’s CLEO


I have a rather exciting project about to open in the UK in September. A play which I’ve co-written and produced. It’s called Two Of Us and I’ll be playing Paul McCartney. 


You got your start in theater. Did that play a factor in your admiration of Shakespeare or did the admiration come first? What led you to pursue acting?


Richard: An admiration of Shakespeare came first. The words. The literature. The poetry. There’s a reason we’re still telling these stories 500 years later. I started in acting because I moved around a lot as a child. Always having to be chameleon like in order to fit in. 


Obviously for TITI, you’re serving as Writer and Director. Do you plan to have any on screen presence for this film or will writing and directing be plenty to keep you busy?


Richard: No, I recently read the role of Aron Noire in a staged reading of the film but that role will be played by a French actor, ideally. This isn’t a performance piece for me. 


Could you describe the different ways you approach a project as an actor vs when you’re in the position(s) you’re handling for TITI?


Richard: Sure, as an actor it’s a more filtered approach. Myopic almost, selfishly so. To understand and empathize with one character’s actions. As a creator, of course you have to look at everyone’s track and explain every action and reaction. 


Now how did you decide on reimagining Titus Andronicus into what TITI will be? I remember hearing Lyriq Bent talking about how you and him were throwing around a few other works by Shakespeare before settling on Titus Andronicus. What led you to settle on that particular play for inspiration?


Richard: Honestly, I wanted to see Lyriq in a role that would stretch him and fully display his abilities. Othello was discussed, of course, but felt obvious and I wasn’t sure if I could bring any new discussion to that story. Titus is a whole other beast. A faulty play. I honestly think this version is better than the original!


What’s the most exciting aspect of this particular film and what do you anticipate the challenges will be?


Richard: The most exciting aspect is watching people’s reaction to quite how different this version of the story will be. The challenges will be turning the traditional perspectives upside down. Almost entirely actually. 


Getting more into the macro for a second, what was the reasoning behind bringing TITI to reality through Mogul Productions? What about Mogul made you feel they were a solid partner in this endeavor?


Richard: Speaking to Mogul, I found a fresh approach. The old conservative ways of film development, financing, and distribution are increasingly difficult for any project outside of the studio or streamer system. Mogul offers a more contemporary and innovative way of looking at things. 


Do you think that the film industry is ready for some healthy disruption, and if so, do you see TITI as something that could represent that both from a narrative and cinematic standpoint, but also as a result of the way it is being developed?


Richard: Very much so. That’s precisely what TITI needs. A brave team unafraid to announce new art in a new way. It’s precisely what Lyriq and I are hoping to do alongside Mogul. The film industry isn’t just ready to be shaken up, it’s positively crying out for it. It’s actually necessary. 


If there’s anything else you want to add, do so now, but really can’t wait to see what you create with TITI.


Richard: TITI may be something new to you as an audience. Please don’t be afraid of it and try to see what it’s saying. You’ll find that it’s incredibly relevant and I guarantee you’ll feel something.

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Twist Heavy Lies Between Us Picked Up By Mogul Productions

On track for a late 2024/early 2025 release, Lies Between Us is Mogul Productions’ newest project in partnership with Charach Productions that will demonstrate not everything (or everyone) is as they seem.


Centered around psychiatrist, Jen Palatino (Jayme Vanegas), Lies Between Us offers audiences an intimate and suspenseful story that starts innocently enough with a date, but quickly escalates after one of Jen’s patients crashes it.


Vanegas stars alongside Robert Ri’chard, who plays Jen’s love interest, Charlie, a charmer, who finds himself in a situation that gets completely out of hand. Palatino is forced to lean on her sister, a successful lawyer, to try and minimize the fallout from the actions of her patient, Liam (Jack Esformes).


With a supporting cast featuring Eric Roberts, Michael Paré, and executive producer, Randy Charach, Lies Between Us does a lot with a little, whether that’s the size of the cast or the cramped and claustrophobic setting. This is by design, forcing the suspense and interactions between characters to be front and center.


There’s no filler or fluff when it comes to the Lies Between Us, but there are plenty of surprises for the characters and the audience. With filming wrapped and post production underway, it won’t be long before audiences will be able to have their expectations flipped on their head.

Make sure to join the Mogul Telegram channel or to follow along on Twitter/X to avoid missing out on your chance to make your mark in Film3.

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Tribeca Film Festival 2024 The Wrap Up with James Pratt

The Tribeca Film Festival 2024 concluded on June 16th, marking another successful year of showcasing outstanding films and celebrating cinematic achievements in the heart of New York City. Founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff, Tribeca has grown into a premier event that honors both established filmmakers and emerging talents.


This year’s Highlights included retrospectives like the 50th anniversary screening of Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets, attended by Scorsese and De Niro themselves. The event was moderated by Nas, underscoring the festival’s ability to blend cultural icons with timeless cinema.


In the competition categories, Nicholas Colia’s Griffin in Summer“l stood out, winning the Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature. Colia’s film impressed the jury with its innovative storytelling and compelling performances, highlighting Tribeca’s commitment to showcasing artistic excellence.


International cinema also made a strong showing with Assel Aushakimova’s Bikechess winning Best International Narrative Feature. The film’s unique style and engaging narrative resonated with audiences, further cementing Tribeca’s reputation as a global platform for talented voices in filmmaking.


As the curtains closed on Tribeca 2024, it became clear that the festival continues to be a vital force in the film industry, celebrating creativity and innovation. With each edition, Tribeca reaffirms its role in championing cinematic artistry and fostering a community of filmmakers and audiences who share a passion for storytelling.


List of Winners:


U.S. Narrative Competition:


Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature: Griffin in Summer directed by Nicholas Colia

Best Performance: Jasmine Bearkiller Shangreaux for Jazzy

Best Screenplay: Nicholas Colia for Griffin in Summer

Best Cinematography: Alejandro Mejia for The Knife


International Narrative Competition:


Best International Narrative Feature: Bikechess directed by Assel Aushakimova

Best Performance: Yu Aier for Some Rain Must Fall

Best Screenplay: Celina Murga, Juan Villegas, Lucía Osorio for The Freshly Cut Grass

Best Cinematography: Constanze Schmitt for Some Rain Must Fall


Documentary Competition:


Best Documentary Feature: “lHacking Hate directed by Simon Klose

Best Cinematography: Ezra Wolfinger for Shelf Life

Best Editing: Rupert Houseman for Antidote


Best New Narrative Director Award:


Nnamdi Asomugha for The Knife

Special Jury Mention: Nicholas Colia for Griffin in Summer


Albert Maysles Award for Best New Documentary Director:


Debra Aroko and Nicole Gormley for Searching for Amani

Special Jury Mention: Elizabeth Ai for New Wave


Viewpoints Award:


Viewpoints Award: Come Closer directed by Tom Nesher

Special Jury Mention: Witches directed by Elizabeth Sankey


Nora Ephron Award:


Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge for “lDon’t You Let Me Go


Human/Nature Award:


Dust to Dust (Japan)


Shorts Competition:


Best Narrative Short: Ripe! directed by Tusk

Best Documentary Short: Makayla’s Voice: A Letter to the World directed by Julio Palacio

Best Animated Short: In the Shadow of the Cypress directed by Shirin Sohani and Hossein Molayemi