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Decentralized Film Financing. Giving Everyone a Voice in the Filmmaking Process.

Everyone can be a Mogul

We are a decentralized film & entertainment platform that brings together creators, fans, film financiers, and other contributors to give everyone a voice and ensure the best films get made. 

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Gain unprecedented access into a traditionally closed industry and get rewarded for adding your voice to the creative process.


Get your film made through financing, input, and promotion from fans, industry experts, and other contributors.


Participate in a one-of-a-kind, continuous film fund with constant liquidity and data transparency.

about stars

The STARS token is required for access to the Mogul platform and is used as an in-app currency to purchase rewards and pay for actions within the platform.


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for the next big blockbuster


exclusive rewards


through staking


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Our Technology

Powered by blockchain technology, Mogul leverages a dual token model to reward engagement and incentivize participation.

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Support movies from anywhere in the world utilizing blockchain technology.


Govern which movies get to the big screen with tamper-proof blockchain voting.


Earn rewards for engagement


Submit your project for financing opportunities, governed by the Mogul Community.

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Become a Mogul.

Mogul is for all types of film industry professionals, contributors, and fans. If you have any questions, a partnership proposal, or just want to say hi, please contact us at

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